What To Look For In A Storage Unit

Storage facilities provide a safe, accessible, and easy-to-find answer for customers with huge storage needs. Most short and long-term storage facilities provide a range of unit sizes and services to meet your needs. However, ‌outside of size, certain criteria are vital for any good storage facility, and without these qualities, your belongings might not be safe or cared for properly. Below are some ‌qualities you should look out for before picking a storage facility. Here are nine things that you need to look for when looking to put your home contents into a storage unit.

Storage Facilities Level of Security

Security is a very important feature of any storage facility. You would be much happier knowing your stuff is safe and secure.  Security for a storage facility should go beyond just having strong locks protecting the facility’s doors.

The storage facilities should be monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by security staff and an advanced CCTV system with high-resolution cameras covering every angle of the facility. 

Powerful lighting with motion detectors around the facility is another important quality to be on the lookout for. When there is good lighting, criminals will think twice to avoid being spotted. 


A storage facility must be able to control the temperature in its storage units. This is because an unstable temperature in a storage unit can damage your belongings.

Most storage facilities have concrete floors so your belongings might be exposed to continually fluctuating temperatures and humidity in traditional storage containers. Humidity is crucial since it influences how much moisture they generate. This dampness might affect any of your stuff made of wood or paper.

Wood furniture may expand, distort, and even shatter as humidity levels fluctuate. Paper may also warp and lose its quality, which is bad news if you’re storing important papers.

No Pest Problems

A good storage facility must be pest-free. When you open your storage unit, the last thing you want to discover is rat excreta or dead cockroaches lying around. Knowing you have a pest issue in your unit might make you worried all the time because you’re sure what might be living in your possessions and the damage they may be creating.  In fact, having a pest problem may cost you more money because you would have to pay for pest control yourself.

It is best to look for a storage facility that keeps its premises clean and pest-free and can assure you ‌it will not be necessary for you to continuously inspect your possessions to ensure vermin have not damaged them.

Availability of Dispatch and Moving Services

Most storage facilities do not provide this service; ‌the best ones do. These services are beneficial for you if you are elderly, disabled, or don’t have the time or car to transfer all of your belongings to storage safely and adequately. Even if you can transfer all of your items, organizing them properly in your storage container might be difficult. Professional movers can be used to move and store your items safely and effectively, allowing you to maximize your available space.

Size Variety

When looking for a storage facility, be sure it has adequate space to fit the entirety of your items. As a result, a storage facility’s ability to offer a choice of unit sizes is crucial. If a facility has a few unit sizes, you may have to choose between cramming everything you need to store into a small unit or paying for a unit with more space than you need.

A reliable storage facility may ‌supply the exact amount of space you want, ranging from a small storage container to a large room with more diverse options. Even better, if your space requirements change, a facility with a range of options allows you to transfer things to a larger unit effortlessly.

Affordable Storage Pricing

When looking for a storage facility, ‌look within what you can afford. You do not have to break the bank because you need to find a good storage facility. There are many good affordable facilities, and you just have to look well enough to find them. 

Also, before signing any lease with a storage facility, ensure that you understand its terms. Some leases offer monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments, while others offer only monthly payments. Be sure you know when you are to pay, so the bill does not catch you off guard.

Location of the Facility

The proximity of the facility to where you live is very crucial because you never know when you will need something in it.  Sometimes, it might not be because you need anything for your unit. It just might be because you want to stay close to your stuff in case of a situation where the facility needs your attention urgently. 

However, finding good cheap facilities near you might be challenging. Here, you would just have to balance convenience and the pricing option. And if you desperately need good cheap space, and there is none in your area, you could put your stuff in a further location and have your fingers crossed ‌no emergencies occur.

Storage Facilities Reviews

Sometimes facilities may have all the essentials but lack good business practices. They have rude, nonchalant staffers or just bad work ethics‌.  You can avoid getting yourself tied up in this kind of situation if you check out the reviews of those who have used the storage facilities for the storage of their home contents. Take a look at what they say is good and bad, and if the latest reviews have any issues that may cause you concern.

Insurance Coverage for Your Belongings in Storage

Insuring your goods whilst they are in storage is a must. This might be the best feature to look for in a storage facility. You’ll want to keep your stuff somewhere that can insure them. Accidents and acts of God are always conceivable, even with the finest security and climate-controlled facilities. What distinguishes a good storage facility from a fantastic storage facility is the capacity to safeguard not just your items but also their worth.


You obviously need to do your homework before deciding which storage unit you are going to leave your home contents. This is very important as your contents need to be safe, secure, dry and in good hands. Make sure you have checked out all of the competition for storage units before you choose one.

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