How To Mix Modern And Antique Furniture

A great way to mix modern and antique furniture is by color

Sometimes, the quickest and most straightforward method to bring various pieces together is to use the same color palette. When it comes to old chic interiors, painting thrift store treasures like nightstands, dining room chairs, tables, and dressers in a creamy white color and adding white overstuffed armchairs and couches may help bring the look together. Focusing on the form will make it much easier to put together different genres and periods.

Combining modern and antique furniture types is all about contrasts. Don’t be afraid to use a vibrant color palette in your design scheme. While it’s still preferable to keep to a set color scheme in your décor, you may select two intense colors that compete for supremacy, such as forest green and slate blue, to add some excitement to your space. Alternatively, choose a single dominating color that may be riffed on using a variety of tones.

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