DIY Cafe Shelves on a Budget

Aime of Aime Christine Interiors had been swooning over Ballard’s café shelves for some time.

But $100 for one small shelf?

Not happening!

Aime instead turned to DIY to get the same look and built a set of shelves for only $50.

The good news is that it’s a simple DIY too! Aime says, “This is a project you can totally do in a matter of hours.

The only time truly involved is allowing the primer and paint to dry.

Making the shelves literally takes minutes.”

Ballard Designs Inspired Cafe Shelves ~ These are so simple to make and cost way less than they shelves from Ballard!

Aime was inspired by the Café Shelves from Ballard Designs.


Find the tutorial at Aime Christine Interiors.

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