How To Create The Perfect Study Corner

Need a space in your home that’s just for studying? Whether you’re trying to get homework done, or are trying to write college papers, you need to create a study space at home that’s all your own. Here’s how to create the study corner and get the most out of every study session that you have. 

Why Make A Dedicated Work Space In Your Home?

Firstly, why do you need a dedicated space to study in? Isn’t it good enough to work from the laptop on your bed, or just head to the college library when you need to work? 

While you can work from almost anywhere now thanks to the internet, not every study space you use will give you the same benefits. Working from your bed, for example, will actually create problems for you. You’ll be able to get work done, but your mind associates your bed with study, and it becomes harder to get to sleep at night. 

“Others find that if they don’t have a dedicated space, it becomes harder to focus on what they need to do. That’s become even more important in the last few years, as more and more people are working from home, and space is at a premium” says Emily Hass, a design blogger at Academized.

Carving out a space that’s just for study helps you focus and really think about what you’re doing. Once you’re done, you can walk away and relax, ready for the next session.  Now you know why it’s so important to have a study corner, you’ll need to know how to make one. Here’s how to get started. 

Pick The Right Spot

You’re ready, so let’s start by finding the right space in your home for a study. The amount of space you have will dictate what you can use for studying. In some cases, you’ll be able to dedicate a whole room to your work. In others, you may have to carve out a corner to use when studying. 

Ideally, you’ll want to be able to shut a door behind you when you’re working. That keeps out distractions from the rest of the house, making it easier to concentrate. When you do this, you will need to let others know that you can’t be disturbed. Even adding a sign on the door could work here. 

Some people get creative when they’re trying to find the right place to study in. If you have a garage, will it be comfortable enough to work in? Even a shed in the yard could work in some instances. This is especially true when there’s a lot of people in your home and you need to get that quiet space to yourself. 

Lighting is also important when it comes to a study corner. Can you get a lot of natural light in there? The more you can get, the better. A corner by a window is always a good spot, as you can open the curtains and let all that light in. 

If you can’t get natural light, not to worry. You can add lamps to get the light you need. Placing them behind you, shining over your shoulder on what you’re concentrating on, works best. This is very important to avoid eye strain, especially if you’re studying at night. 

Add In The Right Furniture

Now you’ve found the right spot for your study corner, you’ll need to kit it out with the right furniture. The most important thing you’ll need is a desk, of course. If you have room for a full desk, then that will be the best option. If you don’t though, that doesn’t mean that you have to go without one. 

There are desk models that are built into the wall, so you can fold them up and away when they’re not in use. You can also even build a desk into a wall closet if you so wish, so you can close the doors and put it away when you’re not using them. 

Whatever desk you choose, ensure that you pick one with a lot of legroom. That will ensure that you can be comfortable when you’re studying and won’t be cramped. That’s important if you’re going to be at your desk for long periods of time. 

As such, you need a good desk chair too. Of course, it doesn’t need to be a dedicated desk chair if you don’t want it to be. A well-made chair that is comfortable to sit in is the order of the day here. It’s also important that you pick a chair that works well with the desk you have, too. You want it to blend in, and the whole look to be seamless. 

Finally, consider storage in your study corner. What you’ll need when it comes to storage will depend on you and your needs. For some, they just need somewhere they can slip a tablet or laptop away when it’s not in use. For others, they’re going to need more space for notebooks, pens, folders, and so on. Think about what you’ll be looking to store when you’re not studying. 

You can get a desk with storage space for your belongings, such as drawers and shelves. You can also add shelving above your desk, to hold the items you need. Many students go with pegboards, as that allows them to move shelves and pots around, getting a custom storage solution. 

Also, think about how you’ll want the space to be organized. Everyone needs something different from a study space, so you’ll want to consider this as you design the study corner. Does it work to have everything on shelves above you? Ensure that you can see what’s there, and avoid overstuffing them so you don’t have to rifle through everything to find what you need. 

Make It Yours

Finally, you’ll want to add some personal touches to ensure that you’re getting the most from every study session. 

For example, consider the temperature in your study corner. You don’t want it to be too hot or cold, so how can you adjust it as you like? Adding in a fan can help cool down a room, while a small external heater can keep it warm. Make sure you turn these devices off when you’re done studying. 

You can also use different scents to make the space more personal. For example, you can add an oil burner to your desk, and diffuse scents as you work. Scents like peppermint, lavender, and rosemary have been shown to help concentration, and they make it feel more pleasant to be at your desk too. 

You can add some personal touches too, to make the space feel your own. A plant in the corner could look good, as well as maybe some framed pictures above the desk. Some options, such as a throw blanket, can be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. Add in whatever you think would work here. 

Creating your own study space isn’t as difficult as it looks at first glance. You’ll need to find the right space, add in the furniture you need, and customize it as needed. Once you have your own dedicated space, you’ll be able to get your very best work done here. 

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